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Is Your Website ADA Compliant?

In today's day and age, one of the new standards for websites is if you're ADA compliant. What does that mean? It means that your site is designed, developed, and edited so all users have equal access to the information and functions.

We're working on ours too so don't worry if you're not up to speed on it yet.

According to Forbes here's what you should do to avoid legal risk:

  1. Access your current level of compliance and perform accessibility audits of your website usage. (You can get a free ADA scan at

  2. Take immediate action in remediating your ADA compliance issues by using a high-level web accessibility solution.

Are you required to? Not necessarily. However, the disability market is estimated at $7 Trillion a year...that's a lot of reach.

Who is required to be ADA compliant? According to Business News Daily businesses with at least 15 full time employees that operate for 20 or more weeks a year are covered by the law. Business that fall into the categories of "public accommodation" (hotels, banks, public transportation, etc).

As of right now, there is no clear rules on the federal level. However, consider these WCAG 2.1 guidelines:

  1. Perceivable - Is the contact presented in an easily perceivable manner?

  2. Operable - Is Navigation easy to operate?

  3. Understandable - Is content easy to understand?

  4. Robust - Can your website content be interpreted by various devices and platforms?

We are by no means experts. However, for more information, we suggest you go right to the source, the ADA, The link will bring you right to their article on "Guidance on Web Accessibility and the ADA".

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