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  • Michelle Mattice

Don't Get Carded! Keep Your Site Safe!

What is carding? And why is it a danger to your business?

Carding is when criminals test the validity of a credit card by attempting small purchases across the web on shopping cart payment pages.

Carding can create an additional expense to your Merchant Service Account as every transaction or attempt causes a transaction fee. This going unmonitored can be quite expensive to the Merchant and possibly lead to THOUSANDS of dollars in a single month. Yeah...thousands.

What to do? Here are a few tips to help keep you safe from this predatory practice:

  1. Add a "Captcha" to the payment page to make sure it's a human making the purchase and not a robot.

  2. Setup Fraud Security Settings accordingly with your gateway to block repeated attempts with the same card and/or the same amount. (The merchant and/or developer needs to work with the gateway directly to set this up)

  3. Keep an eye on your sales daily to make any adjustments to your fraud setting as necessary, especially with your gateway.

Since carding can create an additional expense to your Merchant Service Account it can add up fast. Make sure you monitor and adjust your security protocols as needed.

If you have an issue, go to the FBI and report it to the Internet Crime Complaint Center IC3 Feel free to share with us how you keep your site safe.

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