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E-Commerce is Changing Cannabis Retail

I came across an article that I thought would be good to share. Historically, finding solutions for the hemp industries or for cannabis businesses has been hard. Lets face it, near impossible.

We can help. In this article's case, we can set up cannabis dispensaries with legal e-commerce solutions to take payment right on a company's website. We can also set up storefronts take electronic payments as well set up delivery options where you could take payment right at the client's door. If you need a bank to transfer all that money into, we can even help you with that.

For hemp businesses? All that and more. In fact, we just got a new solution with no reserve the lowest fees we've seen in a post Elavon Hemp apocalyptic world.

We are continuously looking for new and better solutions for our clients. (Have you met Michelle? She blames these industries for the increase of gray hairs). Two of those solutions include business funding for traditional, hemp, and cannabis businesses, starting at funds of $5k to the sky is the limit. Did the SBA loan not go far enough? Do you need a little more money to get you reopened and ready to deal with a post COVID world? We can help.

We'd love to speak with you! Stay healthy!

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