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Stay Safe!

Payment processing scams refer to fraudulent schemes that exploit the process of accepting and transferring payments through various means. Some common payment processing scams include:

  1. Phishing scams: where scammers pose as legitimate payment processors and request sensitive information.

  2. Card skimming: where criminals attach skimming devices to payment terminals to steal card information.

  3. Unauthorized transactions: where scammers process payments without the customers' consent.

  4. Overcharging: where scammers charge more than the agreed amount to a customer's account.

  5. False billing: where scammers send fake invoices or bills to trick customers into paying for services or products they didn't receive.

To protect against payment processing scams, it's recommended to use secure payment methods, monitor account activity regularly, and never provide sensitive information to unsolicited parties. Here are some tips.

  1. When being the purchaser, look at the little lock in front of the web address on your browser. Click on the lock, then on "Connection is Secure, then on "Certificate is Valid". These need to be renewed pretty frequently for secure sites. However, if you've never heard of the business, and the certificate isn't that old, then buyer beware. (Let me tell ya about a piece of junk pasta maker I bought...sigh)

  2. If you utilize Chrome for your browser, go get a free extension on their extension market called "Similar Tech Prospecting". Once installed, go to the website and click the extension. It will tell you all sorts of things about the company, like how many site visits it gets, where the company HQ are, sometimes a contact phone number (I LOVE that...ever not be able to find the customer service phone number for like Amazon?)

  3. If you're the seller, then PLEASE partner with an anti-fraud company for your website. (For more information please contact us we have an awesome partner that helps with this). This will help stop fraudulent charges going on your site and the chances of you being "Carded" (see previous post), greatly reduces.

Be safe on the internet. We hate hearing about people getting scammed and we want you to all be safe and not fall to unscrupulous predators.

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