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Joint Venture Pay has over 30 years experience in the credit card processing industry. We think differently, we take a long-term approach to business, by providing the best price and the best credit card processing system along with WOW customer service our client never want to leave us.


We are known experts with a life time of helping businesses save money and time whiling increasing efficiency resulting in increased profits and higher ROI. We work hard for you to find solutions for you and your company.


JVP is a national company with Account officers to take care of you personally wherever you are located in the United States and Canada


We find credit card processing for your business when others can’t. Having issues finding a legit card processing  for your company?  We mean it when we say all types of businesses...we specialize in working with low-risk and high-risk merchants.  In other words, everything from your corner coffee shop to a cannabis dispensary.  Big or small we can help find you the best rates and best  most legitimate programs on the markets. It's what we do.  

We are solutionists and connectors – through our partners we offer enormous benefits to take your business to the next level while simplifying  your process. Which in turn makes your life easier.

Looking for a bank?

We understand your issues.  We’ve established direct relationships with banks nationwide while JVP has developed additional solutions to create legitimate bank accounts and processing of cash.


We understand your concerns and needs. We have practical experience handling the day-to-day details of running a business. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel with our streamlined processes and services


Our goal is to make your experience as profitable and problem-free as possible. We do it fairly, with integrity, and with solutions that help you manage all aspects of your ever-growing business.


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